Long Reef Turtle Studs

Sterling Silver Long Reef Turtle Studs

  • Weight: 1.1g 
  • Length: 8mm
  • Marked .925 STΔR
  • SKU #S512
  • High Polish, Oxidised
  • Certified .925 Fine Sterling Silver
  • Handmade by Artisan Makers
  • Made with Recycled Silver
  • Nickel-free, Naturally Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial

These are created in memory of a desert tortoise we recently met in Nevada. It's name was Toto and was approximately 80 years old. We fed it some avocado and it was very friendly and loved being given attention and stroked, almost exactly the same as interacting with a dog! So yeah, not really a turtley true story but almost.