Our Story

At the heart of Midsummer Star, a deep love and an extraordinary connection define its essence. Krishnan and Rachel, both life partners and design partners at Midsummer Star, share a somewhat magical collaborative process. They work together to create inspiring creative concepts and designs, with a strong focus on crafting high-quality, enduring jewellery while minimising their environmental impact.

Their fascination with ancient symbolism, first kindled travelling through Asia, has been enriched by two decades of global travel and work, immersed in a multitude of cultures, landscapes, textures, and treasures, significantly shaping their experiences.

Driven by a passionate commitment to environmental awareness, their goal is to produce long-lasting jewellery while minimising their environmental footprint, achieved through the use of more than 70% recycled silver and gold. Their production partners based in Thailand and India are proud members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). From the initial design sketches to the final product, they work closely with their partners, ensuring that their jewellery embodies the passion and consideration put into every stage of the design process.

Midsummer Star cultivates a culture of collaboration and inclusivity. Krishnan and Rachel consistently recognise and are extremely grateful for the contributions of their talented, exceptional team.