People and Planet

At Midsummer Star we strive to care for people and our planet in all that we do. Designed with intention and crafted with care, our jewels are produced as consciously as possible with sustainability and ethics at the forefront of mind. 

While there is still always room to grow and learn, we invite you to read about our efforts so far and discover the mindful way in which your treasures are brought lovingly into the world. 

Midsummer Star Sterling Silver and Gold Vermiel Jewellery people and planet

Our Production:

Our factory is doing some incredible work towards mindful and sustainable production, with the ultimate goal of becoming net-zero in carbon emissions by 2030. Joining 900 other companies as part of the B-Corp Climate Collective, and this year moving to 100% renewable energy, our factory is now completely solar powered. This pivotal move to solar energy is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 436.80 metric tonnes in the first year alone. Some of their key achievements from last year also included, the recycling of over 4889 ounces of silver through certified recycling centres, reducing reliance on mined silver, and the reduction of 500,000 plastic bags from the production process (equivalent of 1996 kilograms). With some very key procedures already in place, and a clear roadmap to further developments towards a fully integrated approach to sustainability, we are proud to work with the teams we do in the production of your jewels.

From our Glebe studio we also only use recycled packaging and compostable mailers to ensure as minimal footprint as we can in the processing of your orders. Along with conscious recycling, minimising soft plastics and paperless orders, we strive to be conscious of our planet in our everyday. 

Currently, 90% of the small plastic bags that you receive your jewellery in are biodegradable and home compostable. If you would like to know whether you can compost the bag you receive, you're welcome to contact us and we will let you know. 

Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Jewellery Packaging


Our People: 

All workers within our factory are provided a clean, and safe working environment, with above average wages. The factory takes full responsibility for the care of their staff and uses international third party auditors to regulate and support these standards. This year they became a Social-Purpose Corporation, meaning they are legally responsible to consider social and environmental benefits in everyday decision making, even if it means less profitable returns for stake holders. Now also part of the sustainable fashion alliance, our factory considers their people in all they do, to create an inclusive and happy environment within their space.


Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Jewellery people and planet

At our Glebe studio, all of our staff are valued members of our team, and we strive to create an open and collaborative environment where everyone can feel supported to learn and grow within the company. We strongly believe in equal opportunity and pride ourselves on having a culture of inclusivity and respect within our brand. This year we also consciously and actively worked to be more diverse in our use of models on site, to be more inclusive and conscious of representing all skin tones with our jewels. We take every opportunity to celebrate the magic of our small team and ensure they feel the immense gratitude we have for their contribution to the Midsummer Star journey. 

Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Jewellery People and Planet

We will continue to update this space with further developments on our sustainability and ethical efforts and welcome you to follow us along as we continue this journey to develop your jewels in harmony with the world around us.  

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