You are my Sunshine

Sunflower Arrivals

Sacred Serpentine

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Delicate Crystal Studs Gold
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Delicate Crystal Studs
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Delicate Hoop Sleepers
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Delicate Hoop Sleepers Gold
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Hoop Sleepers
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We invite you into the mysterious, mystical and magical world of the Midsummer Star. Be inspired by our deep love of ancient global cultures, symbols and motifs. 

Celebrate the creative spirit and the rich carnival of life. Pay homage to the spectacular, the extraordinary and the challenging, where boundaries blur beyond the outer reaches of the planets, the moon and the stars. 

Take a multi-universal look at life. Be inspired by art, music and self-expression. This is where hopes, dreams and lives flourish and it’s here that you’ll find your true spirit and your inner light.

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