Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold

SKU: E848G
Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold
Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold
Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold
Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold
Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold
Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold
Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold
Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold

Sparkles Super Micro Huggies Gold

SKU: E848G
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  • Australian Designed
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Mindful Production
  • Free Shipping over $30

18K Gold Vermeil Sparkles Super Micro Huggies

  • Weight: 0.9g
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Stone: 1mm x 7 Cubic Zirconia
  • Marked .925 STΔR
  • Square profile
  • Vermeil: 3 Micron 18K Gold
  • Base: Sterling Silver
  • SKU #E848
  • High Polish
  • Please note that these are delicate earrings and should be handled gently at all times
  • Always keep your jewels apart to protect against scratching
    Remove your jewellery before showering, exercising and swimming
    Perfumes, lotions and hairsprays will corrode the gold coating, always apply these before putting your pieces on.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren S.
PERFECT for piercings!

I bought these with the intention to use one in my tragus piercing and keep the other for a rainy day/spare. I ended up using both! They are the perfect size for my tragus and forward helix! Love love love. So cute.


super cute and great quality


These are so beautiful and they’re the perfect size, just what I was looking for

Tarnished in less than a week

Had high hopes due to advertising saying they don’t tarnish, but these sadly tarnished in less than a week of wear. After some back and forth with the company, they suggested it was my fault even though the other hoops I bought from the same company at the same time, and wore exactly the same way, were not tarnished. Poor experience. Really wanted to love this company.

Krishnan Borthwick <>
Wed, 2 Aug, 11:50 (19 hours ago)


to Vlad

Hi Vicky,

I have been googling about this and it seems like it could be chemical damage. It could also be something in your or someone's hands when it's been handled. It's hard for me to say since they have been in your possession. If that earring is from us (I'm still unsure it doesn't look quite right to me) they are 100% the same production method. The ones we sell are Sterling Silver with 18k gold vermeil.

We sell quite a high volume of gold vermeil, we sell to more than 50 stores and what I see with your item is very unusual, please see below some of the information I found below;

Dust, pollution, perfumes, and cosmetics can affect the surface of your pieces
Exposure to chemicals: Household cleaning products, cosmetics, and even natural body oils can cause gold vermeil to darken
liquid materials in the air, sweat, lotion, and perfume, etc.
Your gold vermeil and silver jewellery should be kept in a dark, cool and dry place
exposure to water, boiling water, and soap can affect the gold layer over time, causing it to wear away or change color
pure water does not affect the gold, but the soap, other chemicals and the minerals present in the water affect the gold
Other substances like chlorine can cause permanent damage on the surface of gold vermeil pieces.
Remove jewellery when washing your hands, showering, or swimming because water and chemicals
Your skin, oils and sweat can affect the durability of a piece
factors such as regular wear, exposure to sweat, lotions, perfumes, and other chemicals can accelerate the tarnishing process.
jewelry is exposed to water or high humidity, the outer gold layer may react with the moisture and other substances present, leading to tarnishing and a loss of its original shine.
Avoiding contact with chemicals: Lotions, perfumes, and other cosmetics often contain substances that can react with the outer gold layer, leading to tarnishing or discoloration over time. Removing your 18k gold vermeil jewelry before applying these products prevents such reactions and helps maintain its original appearance.