The Moon and Her Phases

A calming symbol of serene energy, the moon represents goddess power and celestial balance. Much like the ebb and flow of our own feelings and emotions, so too does the moon go through transitions, waxing and waning, symbolic of the rhythmic and cyclical nature of life itself. A powerful feminine symbol of wisdom, intuition and spiritual connection, it is believed that by attuning ourselves to the moon we can embody its innate qualities of fluidity, creativity, and learn to better embrace change.

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There are 9 phases to the moon’s transitions through the sky 

New Moon: 

Symbolic of new beginnings, the moon is not visible from earth as it sits positioned between the earth and the sun 

Waxing Crescent: 

The moon’s phases of waxing are when it is growing in the sky, illuminated only partially as it moves with intention towards full form 

First Quarter: 

When the moon’s first half shines bright in the sky is when it has become the first quarter. Believed to symbolise decision making, the moon is shining and growing with purpose

Waxing Gibbous: 

Still waxing, or growing, though this phase, gibbous tells us the moon is shining more than halfway, refining its light in the night sky 

Full Moon: 

Reaching its fullest and brightest form, full moon is when the whole moon is illuminated by the suns rays, signifying completion and resolution of intention 

Waning Gibbous:

Now shrinking away from the full moon, waning gibbous is still over half illuminated but beginning the journey back towards the end of the cycle.

Third Quarter:

Now exactly half alight once again the third quarter is slowly shrinking down, symbolic of gratitude and forgiveness for what was.

Waning Crescent: 

The final phase before returning to new moon, the last crescent of the moon shines softly, representing surrender to the end of the cycle 

New Moon:

Back to the start of the cycle, the empty sky once again signifies new beginnings as we prepare for a new chapter to begin again.  

Discover your own inner power as you channel the magic of these lunar phases and move in the direction of your dreams with purpose and intention.

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