Pearls : The Gem of Wisdom

This precious gem of the sea is our focus for the latest range; our Pearl Range. 

From the ancient Japanese believing that pearls were the tears of mythical creatures, to the ancient Persians believing that storms and lightning created pearls, there is much wonder and folklore around these naturally formed gems. 

Close up shot of pearl rings on hand

Spiritually, pearls are thought to offer protection to the wearer, along with balancing karma. Pearls aid one’s journey through life by strengthening bonds between souls, having a calming energy to soothe the soul and by magnetising luck and fortune to the adorned. 

We’ve found beauty and wonder in a selection of pearls that others would deem too irregular to use. This means that not only are the pearls that we’re using sustainably sourced, it also means that each and every pearl is unique and celebrated for their flaws. 

6 hanging necklaces in silver and gold each with pearl charms adorned

Close up shot of models ear with pearl earrings

Whether they’re perfectly round or perfectly misshaped, to invoke a sense of wisdom and innocence, embellishing yourself with pearls is a perfect way to do so.

Explore our newest underwater treasure chest of earrings, necklaces and delicate charms here and discover what magic pearls can do for you. 


Close up of model's hand with pearl ringsPearl rings and necklaces featured on model

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