How To Fix Your Huggies, Hoops and Sleepers

Our earring designs are available in a range of fittings, from thicker huggies to delicate sleepers. All options are durable and comfortable for wearing all day or dancing all night. Unfortunately, with frequent, rough use your earrings may not click shut as they should or may bend under pressure and be difficult to close. If you find yourself in this dilemma, here's our guide to repairing your earrings. 


Our huggie fitting is extremely comfortable and perfect for daily wear and a low maintenance ear stack. The hinge closure and thick post ensures that your earring won’t fall out when pulled or tugged with clothing. Here’s our guide to fixing your huggie:

Open your earring and determine whether the post is too low or too high when it closes. If the post is too low, gently push it up with your finger little by little until you feel the notch click when you close the earring. If the post is too high, gently push it down with your finger, careful to not change its rounded shape, until the notch clicks into the earring when closed.



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Our round hoops feature a thin wire bar that clicks into a clasp behind the ear, providing you with a comfortable and delicate fit. Most of our hoop designs feature charms that you can swap out and personalise to your liking. If you have difficulty closing your hoops, here’s how to fix them:

Open your earring. If the bar cannot be pushed into the clasp, use your fingernail or a pair of thin pliers to gently pull the prongs of the clasp apart until the bar can click into place. Do not force the middle of the bar down to avoid bending it out of shape; only apply pressure on the end of the bar where it meets the prongs of the clasp. If the bar will not stay in the clasp, use your fingers to gently pinch the prongs of the clasp together until the bar can click into place.

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Our sleepers are a secure and comfortable way to wear your favourite charms and designs long-term without even feeling them. They achieve this secure fit with a wire that is fed through a corresponding hole on the opposite side. If you have difficulty with this fitting, we recommend putting the sleepers in back to front so that you can close the fitting in the mirror. How to fix you sleeper:

If the wire bar is bent out of shape, gently reshape it with your fingers until it is round like the thick part of the earring. If this is too difficult, find a cylindrical object like a thick pen and gently press the wire bar into shape around it. This should return it to its original shape and make it easier to fit in your ear. 

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