The Gypsy Fleet


Last weekend, the Midsummer Star team travelled up to Byron Bay for Splendour in the Grass. The journey was taken on board Corey and Emma's 'Gypsy Fleet', otherwise known as Broken Head's Original Gypsy Bus. This travelling bus has been converted into a luxury, spacious holiday home with gorgeous arrays of purple interiors and boho features. Perfect for the free spirited, wandering gypsy.


Beautiful adornments of flowers fill the bus for an enchanting feel.


The interior is complete with mandala inspired furnishings and patterned textiles.


Vintage cameras and crystals were just some of the trinkets you'll find on board.


Homemade skull wall hangings completed the boho feel.


As did the hanging feature plants and time-lapse trunk.


The Third Eye Wolf Head Talisman Ring.


Little blooms gave off delicate, spring vibes.


The Epic Stevie Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace.


Splendour essentials.


The Splendour ring edit.


Our necklace and bracelet selects for the weekend.


The white furnishings provided the perfect backdrop for our turquoise jewellery.


Mandala floor prints.


We loved the feel of the sunshine beaming through the purple fabrics.


The lovely owners, Corey and Emma!


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  • kylie

    DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! I didn’t know you were up here Rachel, but we were at Splendour too!!!! Next time, look out for us at the wheelchair seating area … there are some perks to being wheelchair bound – seating and parking ;) Hope you had an excellent time! xxx

  • Mehera Moroney

    Looks like an amazing space to enjoy Splendour ITG from

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