Nail Art and Ring Stacks: Our Inspirations

There’s something magical about nail art that makes us feel confident, creative and ready to take on the world. This paired with a perfectly stacked set of rings creates a divine expression of your inner creativity. 

Nail art and jewels are both forms of artistic self expression, helping to embrace and tell your story in a way that only you could. 

We love pairing up our ethereal ring stacks with nail art that is equally as inspired and creative. Here are some of our favourite combos:  


Astral Dreaming

Hand adorned with boho sterling silver rings inspired by the cosmos with manicured milky white nails with gold glittery stars and moons


Sparkling Simplicity  

Hands adorned with sterling silver rings that are decorated with rainbow moonstone and topaz. Nails are manicured with a white tan deep french tip with silver chrome finished tips


Hues of Blue

Pair of hands overlapping each other, both decorated with boho sterling silver rings some with turquoise, moonstone or mother of pearl stones embedded in them. On the background of an orange sunset, the hands feature manicured nails that are a bright blue ombre with sparkles.


Deep Night Sky 

Close up of a hand curled over itself onto a shirt sleeve, the hand is adorned with astral themed sterling silver rings and the nails are a matching blue to the shirt sleeve, it features a pinkish air sprayed centre on each nail.


Colour is Calling 

 A close up image of a hand heavily adorned with precious stone silver rings, including chrysocolla, rose quartz, amethyst and moonstone on the background of a clear blue sky. The nails feature a water coloured - marble manicure that is coloured with orange, greens and blues.


And where do we get our inspiration from for our nail art?

Pinterest of course!

We also love to dive through Instagram pages of local nail artists and be inspired by their art. 

Here are some of our favourite local Sydney nail artists we think are incredibly talented and are inspired by. 


Sammy - @sammyg_claws 


Shura Beauty Glebe @beauty_shura


Victoria Houllis @mannequin.hands


There’s nothing better than a set of fresh new nails to go with your perfectly stacked rings. Explore our collection of rings here and find the perfect match to your nail art. 

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