Larimar: A Caribbean Beauty

Only found in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, the mesmerising cloudy blue hues of Larimar embodies the tranquil seas and the calming skies. 


Hand with 5 sterling silver Larimar stone rings on the back drop of a body of water where the sun is setting.


A relatively newly discovered stone, Larimar is one of few stones to harness and balance the power of both fire and water elements. Capturing the beauty of the seas and born from fire, Larimar is created within the volcanic mountains of the Dominican Republic. 


With it’s dual elemental vibrations, Larimar possesses spiritual energies to help the wearer to feel at ease, overcome one’s fear, soothe stresses and encourage self-confidence. It empowers the wearer to harness their innate femininity and restore their connection to the Earth.


An image of an ear with 3 sterling silver earrings, 2 are Larimar stone earrings.  


Connected to the throat chakra, it is a stone that encourages expression and communication, helping connect how we think with how we feel.


Keeping Larimar directly in contact to your physical body is said to maximise the potential of what the stone can do for you physically, spiritually and mentally. 


Image of 5 sterling silver Larimar stone rings placed in between fingers


Find the perfect Larimar jewel to adorn yourself in and feel its’ endless magic to inspire your truest self.

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