Divinity // Midsummer Star x Tahnee Kelland

Artist Tahnee Kelland in her studio

The release of our new Collection, Divinity, is a dream come true for us. An exciting collaboration between the design team at Midsummer Star and one of our favourite artists, Tahnee Kelland. Krishnan and I were lucky enough to work with Tahnee more than ten years ago, so you could say this concept has been a decade in the making.

The studio of artist Tahnee Kelland

Tahnee Kelland at work in her studio

Tahnee is a Western Australian painter and muralist whose work explores spiritual and inner growth. Recurring motifs, flowers, foliage and the female form draw the viewer into a reflective and meditative state where balance and serenity are the ultimate reward. Her ever evolving painting style bridges symbolism and folk art.

Artist Tahnee Kelland painting in her studio

Tahnee Kelland at work in her studio

Tahnee has been creating art since she can remember. Her murals and paintings can be found in and around her home town of Mandurah, Perth and in private collections throughout Australia. Last year we bought this magical and majestic painting by Tahnee, pictured below.

 Original Tahnee Kelland artwork

We’ve been continually inspired by the elements within the painting which arrived the day after our beloved dog Bixby passed away. The little message right at the top says “be brave” so it has a beautiful meaning for us and couldn’t have been more appropriate for what we were going through at the time. It was a natural process for us to ask Tahnee if she would like to collaborate with us and create some jewellery inspired by those elements.

Behind the scenes process for the collection, exploring the meaning behind each piece

Tahnee’s creative work celebrates the goddess, the divine, the feminine and the natural world. Recurring narratives of self-love, forgiveness, love over fear, honouring thyself, trusting the universe and going with the flow help create harmony and healing and balance. - Rachel Borthwick 


Immerse yourself in the world of Tahnee Kelland and explore her art at https://www.tahneekelland.com

Artist Tahnee Kelland

There are 10 designs in the jewellery range including both necklaces and earrings. All are available in both gold vermeil and silver.

Shop the extraordinary Midsummer Star X Tahnee Kelland collection here.  


Pieces from the Tahnee Collection

campaign image of the tahnee Leland x midsummer star collection

balance neck charms from the midsummer x thane collection

Sterling silver balance and trust earrings

Gold vermeil vessel earring and necklace

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