How To Love Your Jewels

  • Midsummer Star jewels are all .925 Sterling Silver.
  • Take care when removing clothing so as not to snag your treasures
  • Your jewels will age and tarnish naturally. To keep your babies looking sparkling, clean them regularly with a professional, impregnated silver polishing cloth 
  • Keep your jewels away from chemicals (like solvents, perfume, shampoo and hairspray), sharp blows, scratching and extreme temperatures.
  • Try to keep pieces apart to avoid rubbing together.
  • These aren’t water babies... Never go swimming wearing your jewels - salt and chlorinated waters can be damaging
  • Your jewels shouldn’t be worn while cleaning, showering, gardening or enjoying sports activities.
  • Most importantly, love these jewels and let them shine as an expression of yourself!