Sleepers : Styles and Attributes

Crafted for everyday wear, and designed with comfort and practicality in mind, sleepers are the perfect addition to any jewellery edit. Elevate your everyday with precious sterling silver or 18K Gold Vermeil sleepers and instantly feel your spirit lift and you sparkle in these ethereal treasures. A wardrobe staple to cherish for years to come, sleepers are perfect for new piercings and long time wear due to their secure nature and lightweight design. 

Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Sleepers

At Midsummer Star we have a treasure trove of delicate sleepers in a range of styles and sizes. 

There are four key designs, which are all also compatible with our delicate range of earring charms, inviting you to explore your creative side as you design adornments unique to you! 

Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Sleepers and Hoops


Tube and post fastening 

Easiest to fasten when placed in backwards or with the help of a friend 

Very secure and comfortable in the ear once on

Endless Sleepers: 

Hinge snap fastening 

Comfortable and easy to take in and out 


Hook into hole fastening 

Easiest to put on in front of a mirror 

Hoop Sleeper: 

French lock fastening 

The easiest of all sleeper styles to fasten on your own 

Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Sleepers and Ear Charms


In our latest range of hoop sleepers we have four sizes. Not all of these are compatible with our ear charms, however they are able to be mixed with our neck charms range. While our neck charms sit sideways on our sleepers rather than front facing, we love to mix and match with these on our hoops, discovering all the different options and designs possible with these delicate treasures.

Midsummer Star Sterling Siver Hoops Sleepers


Explore our delicate treasures of minimalist magic here and add a touch of sparkling simplicity to your life 


Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Hoop and Sleepers

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