Rose Quartz : The ancient stone of universal love

Midsummer Star Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Rings

Reset your heart chakra to find inner peace and self-care with the ancient stone of universal love. The delicate blush hues of this precious stone, help to purify and open the heart to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.  

Midsummer Star Rose Quartz Jewellery

A love of ancient symbolism lies at the heart of each Midsummer Star collection, and our treasure trove of Rose Quartz Jewels is no exception. Inspired by the innate powers of this mystic stone, each entrancing piece will inspire you to awaken your true spirit and shine brightly with your own inner light.

Find balance and harmonise your soul with these ethereal jewels to cherish for years to come

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Midsummer Star Rose Quartz JewelleryMidsummer Star Rose Quartz JewelleryMidsummer Star Rose Quartz Jewellery

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