Mixing metals : Master the two tone look

Mixing sterling silver and golden jewels is a unique and magical look that we believe anyone can master. 

If mixing metals is a look you want to delve into but not sure how to style, we’re here to help you become a two tone expert in no time!


- Match existing pieces in your collection with jewels of similar styles and shapes to wear together. This will make it easier for you to know what pieces will work well together and by matching styles, textures or themes, you will look co-ordinated and perfectly styled. 

By creating a theme across all your central jewellery regions (neck, ears, wrist and fingers), and evenly incorporating mixed metals in these regions, you can create a personal look that’s cohesive and purposeful. 

gold and silver chunky rings on a hand


- Everyone has their favourite metals! Whether you’re team gold or silver - or even rose gold - you should pick your favourite and the metal that you’re most comfortable in to start as your base. 

- Then start incorporating smaller pieces in the opposite metal colour to build your very own two tone look.

gold and silver rings layered in a boho style ring stack


- Whether you’re creating a necklace look, ear stack, ring stack or a unique bracelet stack, build up your two-tone look by layering. 

- Alternate your metals to create a stack that not only looks beautiful, but one that looks cohesive and well-balanced. 

- Or create a stack where you have your one accent piece that you want to stand out!

gold and silver necklaces and bracelets layered and worn on a model

Most importantly, style your jewels how YOU want! 

Expressing your individual style and showcasing it should be a fun and exciting process. We hope these tips help you to feel more confident in experimenting, defining your own style and feeling like the goddess you are! 

Start your two tone journey here ✨

silver and gold bracelets layered on wrist

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