Labradorite: A stone of balance and transformation

A calming stone of transformation, Labradorite is known for its powers to balance the chakra, imparting strength and perseverance to its wearer. With mesmerising brown and green hues this entrancing gem celebrates the divinity of your aura. Caught in the sunlight a striking blue presents itself, revealing a further magic to this majestic stone.
Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Labradorite Jewellery
Forever inspired by the extraordinary and otherworldly, our Labradorite jewels are designed to channel its divine essence, creating treasures that inspire and entrance. Ignite your inner potential and pay homage to the mysterious with these otherworldly jewels. Adorn yourself in magic and mystery, embracing your own transformation as you flow through life’s unfolding journey.

Midsummer Star Labradorite Jewellery

Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Labradorite Rings

Midsummer Star Sterling Silver Jewellery


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