How To Pick The Perfect Statement Ring

Statement rings are a perfect way to add colour and flair to any outfit whilst also showcasing your personal style. 

With so many options we’re here to help you pick the perfect ring that will add that touch of magic to your everyday!


Picking the right stone is an essential step in selecting the right statement ring for you. Whether you’re picking a precious stone for their spiritual properties or picking them purely for their beauty, choose one that you absolutely love and can easily incorporate to your style. 

 precious stone ring types rose quartz rhodochrosite moonstone blue calcedony amethyst labradorite chrysocolla


Precious stones can be cut into many different shapes including: Oval, Round, Baguette, Pear, or they can be kept closer to their natural organic shapes. Pick a shape that you think best suits you, your style and the stone you have chosen. It’s also important to take note of how big or small you want your precious stone to be. 

 moonstone ring round cut pear cut baguette cut oval cut


This is the part that will determine the overall style of your new statement ring. If you want a statement ring that showcases the magic of your precious stone, you may want to opt for a simple setting. Whereas a detailed setting for your ring is the perfect choice if you’re wanting a more stylised jewel. Also taking into consideration whether you want to add your new statement ring to a stack or whether you would wear it on its own will help you choose the right setting. 

 simple detailed and bold ring setting styles


A super important step. Knowing your ring size is a must to ensure the perfect fit! Deciding which finger you want to wear your new statement ring on will help determine what size you should get for your ring. If you don't know your size you can get your free ring sizer here (if you live in Australia). 

ring sizer on hand with rings

We hope these steps help you find your perfect statement ring that showcases your individual style. Go out there and make a statement!

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