Fleetmac Wood: Their Music and Vintage Creations

Lose yourself to the otherworldly music of Fleetmac Wood, where the legendary tracks of Fleetwood Mac and dance music collide, to produce sets that are nothing short of euphoric. 

By far our favourite artist in the office, Fleetmac Wood is played on repeat, keeping us shining through the working week. We often listen to their remixes back to back (Find their latest remix here) but the true joy falls on Saturday morning, when we tune in live to our friends Fleetmac Wood as they unleash the magic of their incredible dance sets. 

This has definitely helped us through the hecticness and craziness of covid, DJ's Lisa Jelliffe and Alex Oxley put on a party from across the globe, each week sharing their musical genius of unadulterated, hour-long sets from Fleetwood Mac's lovingly remixed catalogue. Every Friday afternoon LA time (Saturday morning 11am AEDT) on twitch 

Fleetmac Wood Vol 9 Out now on Soundcloud


Fleetmac Wood dance parties

Fleetmac Wood Dance Party

Both talented creatives and dear friends, we wanted to share the love, spreading the magic of this amazing duo. Remaining amazingly positive through the effects of Covid, despite losing their upcoming tours, the pair have pivoted to online. Sharing their music digitally and creating a supportive community while also making the most inspired face masks, all crafted from Vintage fabrics sourced from the closet of Lisa herself.

These face masks and other vintage gold can be found on their Etsy store KaftanDiscotheque

Fleetmac Wood DJ setsIn support of this inspiring pair we not only wanted to share their music with you, but also their creations, so we have a range of their incredible retro fabric masks, to give away for all orders over $100. 

Featuring adjustable ear straps or around head elastic, and double layered cotton with filter pocket, in the funkiest of print assortments. Offer only while stocks last so don't miss out!

Limit 1 per customer, must be added to cart at checkout to redeem 

Listen to Fleetmac Wood at their Soundcloud here and discover the ethereal world of their music. 

Midsummer Star Face Masks

Fleetmac Wood vintage fabric masks

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