Orbit Sleepers

Sterling Silver Orbit Sleepers

  • Weight: 0.9g
  • Diameter: 4mm Disc
  • Diameter: 14mm Diameter
  • Marked .925 STΔR
    • SKU #E590
    • High Polish, Oxidised

    Customer Reviews

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    Orbit Sleepers

    Great style, terrible clasp

    These earrings are amazing, they look great when you get them on, but doing up the clasp is horrible. The design is not user friendly, and I find myself reluctant to wear them due to the effort on securing them.

    Hey Grace, sorry to hear that, we are always working to offer different fittings, but mostly customers tend to gravitate towards the lowest cost options, which is what these are. We are working on getting a video online to show how to do these up easily.
    Lovely little earrings

    I love these sleepers! I wear them everyday to work and have had a lot of compliments. The only thing I will say is that it is fiddly to fatten them closed, and I am worried that I’ll bend the hoops if I’m not careful - not the sort of earrings to put on in a rush!

    Beautiful earrings

    Love these earrings very practical and easy to wear. Also look lovely and subtle. However I found the back really difficult to clip on!


    I didn’t got it yet!!!!

    Hi Shiri, thanks for your feedback, usually we ask here for a review about the item, not the shipping. So about the shipping especially to Israel, its very unpredictable in time due to the extra security (having said that it arrives every time, not 1 item lost! it's a very secure service). However not only is shipping to Israel the slowest of all it is also the most expensive in the world, but I digress. So I checked and today we are 2 days past our delivery window, hopefully it will arrive soon, we are very thankful that you chose to buy from us

    ALSO I checked from Australia to Israel was 8 days, all the extra time since it is sitting in the Israel system, I am sorry. if you're interested DHL express 3 days is $60!! omg