Decorated Elephants

November 12, 2014 2 Comments

We are currently working on a range of Silver inspired by the painted Elephants of India. Check out some great images on this Pinterest board there is also a yearly Festival held in Jaipur that celebrates Elephants and the decorations are amazing.

Following are some early sketches for a range due in February 2015, we will have Rings, Pendants, Studs & Earrings.

From the sketches the next step is creating the wax molds for the master samples, these images show various views of the molds in process. After this stage there will come samples that represent the final production.

These are just a couple from our shortly to be released range of 'Festival Elephants'.

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February 12, 2015

These elephant rings are just stunning. Will you be doing larger sizes at all?


January 07, 2015

Can’t wait it get my hands on some of these! Such beautiful rings, in love. xx

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